With guidance from the Northeast Pennsylvania Synod, we will institute the following changes at St. John’s.

-We are using our hymnals and we are singing. 

-The sign of peace will be spoken without contact until further notice

-Face masks are optional

-We ask that if there is illness in your family that you remain at home and listen to the service on WLSH

-The offering plates will remain in the back of the church without passing of the plate

-Sanitizers will remain at the entry doors of the church to be used upon entering and exiting

-All pews are available for use without barriers

-The referencing of the cup will remain the same and individual wafer/wife dispensers will be provided for Holy Communion

Choir, Sunday School, Saturday Evening Service, and Bach and Handel Choir have resumed their activities. 


Thank you for the continued support of the church during this time of adjustments due to COVID19. May God’s peace be with you, be safe and healthy!


President Walt

Alcoholics Anonymous has resumed their weekly meetings, following COVID guidelines


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. That is the way we begin each service.  Worship is the gathering of our church family in order to try and live out our baptismal calling. We come together for fellowship and to be fed by the scriptures and sacraments. Every Sunday includes teaching and communion.

We believe that all possess a priesthood by reason of the cross. And also, we seek to grow in grace, ourselves, before we pass it on.  My place as pastor is to help enable our people to fulfill what is their statement of purpose: 

The Mission of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is to spread God's Word, making Him the center of our lives. We should find the lost of our congregation by developing harmony, and by showing compassion, concern and forgiveness.     

We pray to be the Christian church -- nothing more, nothing less.

It's an exciting adventure.  Come join us.


Pastor Muhr